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The kit comprises 4 coded anti-theft screws (or nuts) and one key.

Before use, copy down the code of your kit (printed on the packing) and keep it in a safe place so that you can use it if ordering a spare key.


Remove one original screw (or nut) from each wheel of your vehicle.

Before applying the anti-theft screw (or nut), always check the conical, spherical, cylindrical and flat seating as well as the thread and the length of the thread compared to the original screw or nut.

Manually fit the anti-theft screw on to each wheel. Make sure that the coding of they provided with the kit connects correctly with the coding of the screw head.

Tighten each anti-theft screw with the coded key and a torque crank to the torque indicated in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Always apply axial pressure on the key in order to avoid wearing out the coded prints on the screw and key.

Attention: Do not impact wrenches as these seriously damage the product.

One the screw has been fitted, use your hand to turn the wheel and check that rotation is free and unhindered.

Keep the key, the original screw and the instructions in kit’s packaging in a safe place in your vehicle.

Every 40 km re-tighten the screw (or nut) with a torque crank.


Always disassemble the anti-theft screw (or nut) first.

If the anti-theft screw (or nut) seems blocked or jammed

Firmly tighten all of the hexagonal screw on the wheel in order to alleviate tension in the blocked anti-theft screw (or nut).

Loosen with the key and a cross-crank by applying significant pressure on the axis of in order to avoid scrubbing the coding.

Attention: Do not impact wrenches as these seriously damage the product.


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